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dear Transformative Justice (TJ) fans & co-conspirators, It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, so we wanted to send you some updates about Transformative Justice Kollektiv related events and actions going on this summer across Germany, where we hope to see your shining faces.  The best way to stay on top of the most updated info is to follow… Read more →

Bild von einer Tageszeitung Seite von der taz. Oben ist ein Bild von einer jungen Schwarzen Frau im Kleid, die bei einer Protest auf der Strasse steht, ganz ruhig und selbstbehauptend, und drei Bullen in schwarzen Kampfausrüstung rennen ihr entgegen, um sie festzunehmen

Updates: ZineFest, taz Interview, & “Justice & Racism” Event

1* The collective will be hanging out at Berlin ZineFest !  Come by and say hi! There will be copies of our zine, „Risiko wagen. Strategien für selbstorganisierte & kollektive Verantwortungsübernahme bei sexualisierte Gewalt“, and the  „Was macht uns wirklich sicher? Toolkit für Aktivist_innen“ from our library. zinefest berlin: 4 & 5 Nov. 2017 13.00-19.00 Uhr New Yorck (Bethanien Südflügel) Mariannenpl. 2 free entry… Read more →

“Was macht uns wirklich sicher?” Toolkit (in German) available for free download

The little monster is finally here!    The “What really makes us safe? Was macht uns wirklich sicher?“ Project, which includes a website, seminars, events, an exhibition, and now this toolkit asks the question: How can seemingly good ideas like supporting survivors of violence go so wrong by supporting racist surveillance and security regimes? In light of the debates around the sexual assaults and… Read more →

TJ in Discussions on Police Violence at G20 Protests

  analyse & kritik / Zeitung für linke Debatte & Praxis published an article last winter about transformative justice (written by Mel from the Kollektiv) and reposted, in light of current discussions of police violence related to the G20 protests:   Angesichst der eskalierten Polizeigewalt beim G20-Gipfel wird jetzt über ein Problem diskutiert, dass Opfer sexueller… Posted by ak –… Read more →

YouTube video screen with the words "Transformative Justice Kollektiv Berlin"

“Lab for Alternatives” video now up!

Darlins, Ta da! For a quick overview of the whole “What really makes us safe?” Project, as well as our most recent “Lab for Alternatives to Prisons and Police”, check out this video. After minute 4, you’ll get the documentation of TJ Kollektiv’s Melanie Brazzell in conversation with author & midwife Mai’a Williams‘ on the topics of community accountability & revolutionary… Read more →

What really makes us safe? Laboratory for Alternatives to Police & Prisons

   Talking Community Accountability with U.S. author & activist Mai’a Williams   Launch Party for the “Was macht uns wirklich sicher?” Toolkit & Website   Healing Archives Exhibition -linocuts, audio installation, & screening of the film “yes”   Reading Lab Transformative Justice Kollektiv Berlin’s zine translation “Das Risiko wagen” & Mai’a Williams’ new anthology “Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines”… Read more →

This image has drawings inside of three circles. In one circle are hands coming out of and holding prison bars. In another circle is a radio tower emitting radio waves. In the third circle there is a rotary phone.

Interview for Prison Radio

Oldie but goodie. Check out our radio interview (in English) with Montreal-based Prison Radio, which has been on the air in Montreal for more than a decade. The show seeks to confront the invisibility of prisons and prisoner struggle, by focusing on the roots of incarceration, policing, and criminalization, and by challenging ideas about what prisons are and who ends… Read more →

“taking risks”: our zine now online!

          Our labor of love is now online:   a translation of Communities Against Rape and Abuse (CARA)’s foundational text on community accountability into German. Plus an introduction from our collective about the potentials and pitfalls of translating community accountability in our Berlin contexts.   Download and distribute widely! Read more →

“What would really make us safe?” Discussion, July 24th

  The State sells us safety in the form of borders, policing, and prisons. But… What would really make us safe?   Discussion with: Nadija Samour (jurist of color) Stephanie Klee (sex worker & activist, Sanchita Basu (ReachOut e.V.) Jennifer Petzen (Lesbenberatung e.V.)   Sunday, July 24th 7-9 pm Jockel Biergarten Ratiborstr. 14C 10999 Berlin   How can seemingly… Read more →