What we do

What we offer


As a group, we offer …


  1. Educational Workshops for youth & adults
  • consent & violence prevention
  • relationship violence
  • introduction to understanding sexual violence through a community accountability approach
  • introduction to holding people accountable through transformative justice


  1. Informational Lectures
  • on the same topics as above


If you are requesting a workshop or lecture, please send us some specific details:

  • preferred time, location, number of participants, reason for the workshop… and anything else that might be important for us to know.

Workshops can run anywhere from 2 to 5 hours, depending on the topic. When institutional means allow it, we appreciate financially reimbursement.


  1. Facilitation or consulting for processes with:
  • communities where harm has happened
  • persons causing harm


  1. Building community support for survivors
  • for instance, through a healing circle


If you are reaching out because you or your community is addressing a concrete case of violence, we prefer to meet in person if possible to get details about the current situation. In cases where violence has already occurred, we prefer to support a process rather than offer a single educational input.


Our Focus


Our focus is on empowering communities to address violence themselves. We want to support communities to sharpen their skills, mobilize their own resources, develop their visions, and manage conflict. For this reason, we work as facilitators of group processes and do not provide services like working as awareness teams at parties.


Our focus is also on long-term processes, so we don’t have the capacities to react or support in urgent situations. If you are in an acute situation of violence, or supporting those who are, we encourage you to reach out to local counseling services or people you trust in your community. We hope that you find what you need.



Contact us


We are glad you are interested in connecting with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Because we meet twice a month, it may take a bit longer to reply. If you haven’t heard anything in more than two weeks, feel free to write us again with a gentle reminder. Thanks for your patience!


With love and a handful of glitter,

the TJ/CA crew