Who we are

Our group has been working with the themes of sexual assault, community accountability, and transformative justice since 2011. Inspired by the work of women, queer, and trans folks of color in North America, we want to develop and disseminate concepts and practices for our communities in Germany that can further critical discussion on sexual assault and abuse within intimate relationships. It is our goal to analyze the relationship and various intersections between these forms of abuse and different structures of power and oppression. Therefore, our analysis includes an intersectional critique of state and institutionalized violence.

We have provided numerous workshops addressing the above-mentioned topics in leftist political contexts across Germany. We’ve also worked on concrete situations of violence, supporting accountability processes with political groups and within housing projects. We also offer advice and support to people that wish to do transformative work with perpetrators and people that have caused harm.

Some of us are also involved in other groups that do conceptual and practical work in the following areas: support for the survivors of sexual assault, consent and violence prevention projects, developing a feminist concept for transformative work with perpetrators, anti-discrimination work, and networking, interviews, and radio projects with other activists in this field. We also translate written works out of an English-speaking context because material on community accountability and transformative justice is not widely available in German.