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Members of our group offer workshops about :

  • Consent
  • Community Accountability & Transformative Justice
  • Working with Perpetrators


About safety

Talking about violence may be painful. We are here to take care of each other, and we encourage you to take care of yourself too! Lets create a space together for learning and exchanging in a way that supports us!


Workshop descriptions


In Our Hands : Community Accountability for Sexual Violence


What does responsibility mean in your community? to you?  What would you do if something violent or hurtful happened between friends, roommates, or members of a group you are in?  Does your community have a plan for how to react if someone you know and love is sexually assaulted?

‘Community Accountability’ is a framework developed by organizations in the U.S. like INCITE! and Creative Interventions for holding perpetrators of oppressive or violent behavior responsible through a process organized by communities, outside of police, criminal justice, and other State institutions that perpetuate violence and oppression.  It imagines integrated support, prevention education, political activism, and perpetrator work.


Perpetrator Accountability within Transformative Justice


The second workshop will build off the concepts in the first, and focus more closely on perpetration : dynamics of perpetration, what perpetrators and those working with them need in order to confront and/or transform violent behavior, and structures for holding perpetrators accountable within communities.

Transformative Justice seeks more transformative rather than punitive ways of addressing violence in our communities.  This model developed by U.S. based organization Generation Five is based on the belief that individual justice for survivors and social justice for us all (freedom from sexism, racism, etc.) are mutually supportive.