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Click here to find out more about what we do and what we offer.  We are glad you are interested in connecting and you can reach us at transformyrcommunity [at] We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Because we meet twice a month, it may take a bit longer to reply. If you haven’t heard anything in more than two weeks, feel free to write us again with a gentle reminder. Thanks for your patience!


If you are requesting a workshop, please send us some specific details: preferred time, location, number of participants, reason for the workshop… and anything else that might be important for us to know.


If you are in an acute situation of violence, or supporting those who are, we encourage you to reach out to local counseling services or people you trust in your community. Our group doesn’t have the capacities to react or support in urgent situations but we hope that you find what you need.


With love and a handful of glitter,

the TJ/CA crew


Contact the “What really makes us safe?” Project


To directly reach the “What really makes us safe?” Project affiliated with the Kollektiv, please email : whatreallymakesussafe [at]




Here is our public PGP key. With this key you are able to send encrypted mail. That means, third parties are not able to read  the content of the mail.


For more information about PGP based encryption: