About us

About the Transformative Justice Practitioners Network (TJ Practitioners).
We are a network of groups, collectives and individuals in German-speaking countries who work practically on transformative justice and collective ways of dealing with interpersonal and structural violence. We link to the concepts of transformative justice and community accountability from feminist and queer BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) communities in North America.

The activists of the network do educational work, consulting as well as accompanying transformative processes, support for affected persons, work with people who practice violence and the respective surroundings, as well as direct cooperation in transformative processes. There is also work on theory and publications.One of the goals of the network is to make the ideas of transformative justice better known and to enable and encourage people and their surroundings to approach transformative work in their environments in a (self-)organized way.

The network organizes itself through a mailing list and regular meetings: Monthly online and twice a year in person. The claim is to communicate in German and English spoken language. Translations and work in other languages will be attempted if necessary.

Emergence of the network
The Transformative Justice Kollektiv Berlin disbanded after 10 years of work and before that organized two networking meetings. On the one hand, people working academically on transformative justice and community accountability were invited to come together, and on the other hand, those who practice it. From the latter, the current Transformative Justice Practitioners Network (TJ Practitioners) emerged in September 2019.

In the process, the strategic approach has been developed to build the network in several steps: First, an internal exchange is to take place to get to know each other and create a sustainable structure. A weekend networking meeting is to be held at least twice a year. In a second step, knowledge is to be passed on to the outside in an organized manner and the existing educational offerings are to be expanded together. In addition, in a third step, a contactability for joint theoretical and educational work, consultation and accompaniment of transformative processes is to be established.

The network is currently (as of October 2021) working on internal organization and knowledge exchange. At this point there is no common contact; if you are interested in participating in the network, please contact one of the active groups or collectives.

Graphik / image: @daveloewenstein (Instagram), CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 via justseeds.org