Handbook for Transformative Work with Persons Causing Harm

Das Cover von dem neuen Buch, mit einem Stuck Papier als Origami, was in einer Vogel wandelt.For everyone with confusion about how to address people in your life who have caused sexual harm, here is a German-language guide from RESPONS Kollektiv. Several members of the TJ Kollketiv Berlin contributed to this handbook and we’re very happy to be able to offer it as a resource. It explains concretely how to plan and implement what we call “transformative work” with persons who’ve caused sexual harm.

What steps do persons who’ve caused harm need to take along the path to changing their behavior? What does accountability look and feel like? How can facilitators manage both empathy and accountability? Where can the process get stuck or derail, and how to get back on track?

The book also addresses how to coordinate your efforts with survivor support and wider community change and prevention work.