“Carceral Feminisms and Transformative Alternatives” Seminar

Because it is a pet project of mine to compare U.S. and German politics… Because the inspirations for alternatives to the criminal legal system for survivors of violence which we’ve found in community accountability were seeded and grown in U.S. soil… Because we want to seed and grow alternatives here in our Berlin soil, too…   …So we need to… Read more →

workshop during tcsd aktionswoche

hey ihr lieben,   the transgenialer christopher street day is coming up in berlin on june 23rd and we will be presenting a workshop about community accountability as part of the “action week” leading up to the big event… if you are interested in learning more about community accountability’s approach for transforming harm and oppression in your community, come on… Read more →

summer of justice

hey folkses,sorry for the english, first-off.  even though i finished my german test last month, i’m still saying “nein danke” to integration some days.  but really, genuine sorries if language blocks anyone’s ability to understand, please just send a mail for explanation.a lot of things are happening! and its only may… so welcome to town, summer of justice. 1.  übersetzungs… Read more →


community accountability imagines a world where survivor healing, prevention education, political activism, and perpetrator accountability are integrated.  and what we’ve got below is exactly that, happening in berlin and its neighboring cities in the next months : 1. a feminist movement & healing workshop in hamburg 2. a pro-sex, pro-consent discussion group from slut conspiracy 3. political theorizing and praxis… Read more →

Monday at FAQ Aktionswoche

We’re putting on a … Discussion about Community Accountability for Sexual Violence Monday, 18-20 Uhr   Check out FAQ’s site for the schedule for the entire Aktionswoche : including a drag workshop, vegan sushi, bike fixing, diy haircuts, and movies Where?  FAQ Laden Jonasstraße 40 12053 Berlin between the U8-Leinestr.  and the S/U-Hermannstr. Read more →

Support NY

hey y’all ,   i asked a friend who does CA and support work in New York through the group Support New York. if she would be interested in doing an interview to get some international perspectives on CA work.   check out their webiste : (http://supportny.org and fill in their survey : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2TPSXXQ   her group was really generous,… Read more →