Summer Book + Tour

“What really makes us safe?” Book
The “What really makes us safe?” project that we’ve been working on for the past several years culminated in the publication of a toolkit last summer, which many of our collaborators and allies like LesMigras, Hydra, and Women in Exile contributed to. The toolkit is still available to download here, and will also be published in an expanded form in August as a book from edition assemblage. You can pre-order the book here or ask for it from your local bookshop!

Book Tour
To celebrate the book and spread the good word, we’ll be doing a book tour around Germany this summer. Tentative dates for workshops and events (see our Facebook page for more info):

 -28. Juni, conTent @ Fusion Festival > somewhere outside?
 -29. Juni, 1. Augsburg Sicherheitskonferenz > Augsburg
 -21. Juli, Queer Zine Fest > Berlin
 -Ende August, Bündnis Gegen Rassismus > Berlin
 -1. & 2. September > Hamburg
 -6 & 9. September, xart splitta > Berlin
 -15 & 16. September, KNAS[], AK Knastkritik, Copwatch FFM > Frankfurt
 -17. September, Grüne Jugend Göttingen > Göttingen
 -28. September, Fachtag an der Fachhochschule Dortmund > Dortmund

If you would like to host the TJ Kollektiv in your city or town, send us an email!

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