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“Safety Toolbox” Prints on etsy

Holiday present for the abolitionist feminist in your life? Artist Andrea Marcos​ made the linocut image of the safety toolbox that graces the cover of the “What really makes us safe?” book. Andrea’s hand-made prints are now available on etsy. All profits go towards Andrea to fund her work making political struggle more beautiful. More on Andrea: An artist for… Read more →

TJ Radio: Book presentation now online

Fee & Mel from the Collective presented the “What really makes us safe? Toolkit for Intersectional Transformative Justice Beyond Police & Prisons” at the “Liberated Days” festival in Dresden. The presentation was recorded and now available here for you on TJ radio:    Read more →

Blumenkranz mit einer Phrase in der Mitte/ Wreath of flowers with the following words in the center: "There's no justice, there's just us"

Wrapping up the book tour

Phew!  The book tour was a whirlwind. Thanks to collaborators Sanchita Basu, Jen Petzen, Fee Grabow, Lisa Monz, Jaya Chakravarti, Tine, Nadija Samour, Zoya Honarmand and Farzada for carrying this collective show on the road from London to Barcelona to Berlin and around Germany. For those who are feeling they missed out, feel free to check out our workshop (in… Read more →

#ReallySafe Public Art Project

We are inviting folks to get creative in their sci-fi imaginations of futures without violence or punishment. We know that what people say should make us safe (like police, prisons, and borders) actually does the opposite. So we want to hear from you — what would really make you feel safe? What would safety feel and taste and smell like?… Read more →

Research Roundtable

Do you want to learn more about transformative justice through research? Do you work on topics related to: sexual & partner violence, state violence (policing, border regimes, prison), sex work, carceral feminism/femonationalism/instrumentalization of queer-feminism, critique of punishment/criminology, restorative and transformative justice alternatives, conflict mediation? We are hosting a roundtable for people who research or want to research on transformative justice… Read more →

Social Media

dear Transformative Justice (TJ) fans & co-conspirators, It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, so we wanted to send you some updates about Transformative Justice Kollektiv related events and actions going on this summer across Germany, where we hope to see your shining faces.  The best way to stay on top of the most updated info is to follow… Read more →

Bild von einer Tageszeitung Seite von der taz. Oben ist ein Bild von einer jungen Schwarzen Frau im Kleid, die bei einer Protest auf der Strasse steht, ganz ruhig und selbstbehauptend, und drei Bullen in schwarzen Kampfausrüstung rennen ihr entgegen, um sie festzunehmen

Updates: ZineFest, taz Interview, & “Justice & Racism” Event

1* The collective will be hanging out at Berlin ZineFest !  Come by and say hi! There will be copies of our zine, „Risiko wagen. Strategien für selbstorganisierte & kollektive Verantwortungsübernahme bei sexualisierte Gewalt“, and the  „Was macht uns wirklich sicher? Toolkit für Aktivist_innen“ from our library. zinefest berlin: 4 & 5 Nov. 2017 13.00-19.00 Uhr New Yorck (Bethanien Südflügel) Mariannenpl. 2 free entry… Read more →